The worlds leading manufacturer of

Glitter Fabrics

We have been manufacturing the highest quality glitter fabrics for shoes, handbags and display materials for over 40 years, exported and sold worldwide through our sales network of agents, stockists & distributors.

Despite what you might hear, not all glitter is bad for the


Sequel Glitter Fabrics was the first Glitter fabrics manufacturer to be awarded GRS certification for using recycled plastics in their production over virgin PVC.

By taking post cosumer plastics such as water bottles from the sea we were able to replace our standard production with more sustainable methods.



With a multitude of techniques including digital and sublimation printing in house, we are able to offer endless possibilities.

Our in house design team can assist making a project take shape. From couture fashion to bespoke set building, we have the professionals to make it happen.

Standard Products

SLO1 Chunky Glitter Fabric

Used in all areas of our business, SLO1 has been a stock item since the business started. Available in over 40 shades, this versatile product is perfect for almost everything!

SLO1HLS Printted Chunky Glitter Fabric

Available with our standard  patterns or custom designs, SLO1HLS can really bring visions to reality. 

Lace Items

Our exstensive range of lace items must be the largest. New items to articles so classic, they where included at the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum 

Multi Tone products

Articles such as 2100 give 2-3 different shades to the same fabric.

Please request samples below.

Article 3283 dated 1956                                 

Original Sample book from 1956                                 

A family business for 4 generations.

Originally founded in the 1950's, we have a proud history of manufacturing texiles which has been past down from throughout the years. 

Since renamed Sequel Glitter Fabrics in 1985 by our current Managing Director Stephen Hewitt, to focus on the production of glitter fabrics, we have been grown from stength to stength. Stephens love of making new products have kept insperation alive within the factory to this day!

Article E6302 dated 1956                                 

Article 3277dated 1956                                 

Article B9401 dated 1956                                 


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